Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Shoe's For £3 Run!!!!!!!!!

These shoes are currently selling for £3, yes £3 in Primark. The catch is you'll have to go to the Bromley branch to get them. All other Primark stores are still  selling them at the full price of £18 (don't quote me on this).

You can opt for this begie colour or the black and for £3 you can't go wrong. That's £1 more than the sandwich meal deal at Tesco's, shoot it's cheaper than a one day bus pass.

I'd team these with.....
  • A long sleeved mini, a statment ring and clutch bag.
  • Boyfriend Jeans turned up, vest top or a nice fitted white shirt, clutch bag and good old blazer.
  • Tulip skirt, fitted vest top and a few necklaces piled up. Or for a little added twist wear a simple long necklace but worn backwards (trust me it'll work).

1 comment:

Miss Virtue said...

What a FANTASTIC find! I shall indeed find myself in Bromley! =D

I'll also check out Lewisham and let you know if they have them and the price! ;o)

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