Sunday, 4 April 2010

Week 25 Of My Journey Getting To New York

Week 25 already- phew! I received my new passport yesterday whoody whoo! On a side note I really want to start travelling a lot more and Brazil is next on my list for 2011. I've been talking about going there for way too long now. 

This week I've continued to e-mail companies and people have been so nice with their responses. They've advised me on the best person to contact and to keep them updated with my progress.(Note to self I must keep in touch and maybe meet up with them whilst in New York). I still haven't received the three important words yet.....yes, but i know I'm putting myself out there so it will pay off eventually.

I hold my hands up I didn't finish my show reel but I did start it. The reason being I don't like the material I have or maybe I'm just making excuses lol. Maybe I'm being too picky but I know the standard I want it to be. I'm going to sit down again this week with a clear head and try again.

This month I must book my flight and I need to put a few hundred pounds away. As I need to pay the remainder of the rent on the apartment by the end of next month. Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

WOOOOO!!! And I'm on Brazil, trust! MEC

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