Saturday, 17 January 2009

Fashion Stop!

Oh it’s a hard job being a female sometimes. Fashion is constantly changing, who can afford to keep up? Here are some more fashion tips to glaze over. Envelope clutch bags are still going strong. I bagged myself a large black and snake skin (fake of course) one last year and I still love it.

The blazer is another wardrobe staple; you can’t go wrong with and is still going strong for 2009. Team it with a jeans and a nice pair of heels. It will also look nice with a dress, or some nice tailored shorts. I am yet to find a nice fitted blazer hmmmm.

Lastly the exposed zip, whether it is on dresses, (I spotted a nice midnight blue style in New Look for £30- not bad!) leggings, skirts, jacket's or even shoes. The exposed zip is the way forward and apparently going to be big this year. You better start saving from now. Zip it good, zip it real good!

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