Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Oh how Mrs Cheryl Cole must be smiling from ear to ear. They hype around this woman has reached fever pitch-geez!!! What a difference a year can make, this time last year she was in turmoil about hubby Ashley’s infidelity and tonight she will attend the Brit Awards arm in arm with the footballer.

The UK seems to have embraced the Geordie lass after her debut on the X Factor. I understand that being part of a reality TV show she can relate to the people who audition. This does not mean she can go on and crack the States like everybody is predicting. What is she going to do become a presenter off the back of what the X Factor? Have her own show and talk about what? I haven’t seen enough to convince me she can crack the states YET.

The pro’s she has Simon Cowell behind, he has already opened the doors for her by giving her a big break on the X Factor panel and is routing for her hard. You can’t go wrong with Simon backing you. She is a very attractive girl this is a good look in the land of groomed folk. She has appeared in Will I Am’s video and is apparently going to do more work with him. She was spotted at the Grammy’s a few weeks back, not too bad Chezza I see you’ve got the networking on lock down. She has a nice smile which projects a warm personality (hmm maybe). There are talks of a solo project 3 guesses she will go down the R N B/ Urban route.

Cons- Although she’s in Girls Aloud and is set to do another series of the X Factor not that many people know off her state side. She can’t compete with the calibre of presenter’s out there already. Do American’s get the Geordie accent? She does not blow her own trumpet enough something you have to do if you even want to stand a chance in the US. She is an okay singer but can she compete with Pink, Britney, and Beyonce- of course not! (She can dance though) She has too many commitments here in the UK, a husband who is not going to do a Beckham move and play for the States, would they even want him, The X Factor, Girls Aloud…..

Watch this space eh.

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