Thursday, 19 February 2009


After bagging myself a regular entertainment slot on the radio (thank you Jesus) I've realised I now need to step my game up. This week I'll be covering The Oscar's and of course I'll need to have watched all of the films nominated, Doubt- check, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- check, Slumdog Millionaire-check.
This film was GOOD, that's it good, not superb, or brilliant just good! It reminded me a little of City of God just not as dark or violent. You know how it goes feel good movie, happy ending add a little child exploitation, film made in a foreign country etc...
After watching I couldn’t help but think wow look at all the media attention this film has received. No doubt Danny will walk away with an armful of Oscars this coming Sunday as it is a good story and the kids put on a great performance throughout.

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