Wednesday, 25 February 2009


After spotting Leona Lewis rocking fuchsia pink nail varnish many months ago, it was a trend I wanted to follow. So I brought a hot pink varnish from Rimmel and gave it a debut yesterday. I’m in love with it as it brightens up the dullest outfit and anyone who knows me knows I love bright colours. After the success of the nail varnish I decided to pop along to M.A.C to try and bag myself a pink lipstick. As I have been seeking one for so long, but it’s all about the right shade and if anybody’s going to get it right it will be the sales advisor’s in M.A.C.

After trying out several shades on the back of my hand, hey presto I found the pink I was looking for-YEAH!!!!! My initial plan was to then go and buy a lipstick for a fraction of the price at Superdrug. However I’m not sure now as the shades don’t pop as much as they do in M.A.C. They are either too dull or a little too out there and I’m not trying to look like a clown out here.
I can’t say I’m surprised as no other brand of make-up comes close to M.A.C and the vibrant colours that they sell. So it seems I’m going to have to wait until the Hello Kitty range comes out next week (It’s a limited edition of make-up with colours ranging from pinks, turquoise, lavender and greens) and cough up £12 for a lipstick-chah! I better pray I don’t loose it anywhere.

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