Monday, 2 March 2009

Richard Branson

I have a new admiration for Richard Branson, after watching him on the Piers Morgan show yesterday. I always knew that Branson was ambitious but the age in which he started his business is courageous. To have your first million by your early twenties is a big achievement. What I like about Richard is that he projects a warm, humble attitude you can’t go wrong with a little humility. He has not let his short comings hold him back- being dyslexic, coming close too loosing his business several times and a run in with the police to name a few. His attitude is that you can do anything you set your mind too! If only we would all adopt this mind set we could achieve so much. I don’t think Pierce was the best candidate to conduct the interview but overall it gave me a brief insight into his life, it seems I’m going to have to read his autobiography now.


High Flyer said...

Inspirational is the word to use for this. Admiration comes a close second followed by fascination. One of the great things about watching interviews, especially with Richard Branson being the guest, is it can give you insight to what real life is like for the renowned face that is Richard Branson. I am currently a Marketing student at The University of Greenwich doing my dissertation on Brand Personality and Virgin Atlantic. I have always been fascinated by life's curiosities and what makes people buy what they buy. I believe the link between the two can be discovered in this topic. Watching Richard Branson deliver his responses to Pierce's unswerving questions was great to see. The interview clearly identifies he's a man who knows what he wants from life and if that means taking a few nose dives and pressured moments to come out feeling on top of the world he will do it. The word admiration defiantly defines this. I just hope during my studies I have the ability to find in life what Richard has accomplished and take to the skies.

MsQuiche said...

Damn, totally forgot to watch this. I wonder if I can watch online? I actually like Piers Morgan as an interviewer. He is never afraid to probe his interviewees, and won't take nonsense evasive answers either.

Ondo Lady said...

I am sorry I missed this as I really like and admire Richard Branson and I find Piers Morgan a very entertaining journo.

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