Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Dangerous hee hee...

I have to admit this is one of my favourite Michael Jackson albums, though this may change once I’ve listened to his whole collection. I initially lost the tape I had (showing my age) but got my hands on another copy after the sad news of his death last week. I am now on the quest to own every Michael Jackson album. Funny how I wasn’t in a rush to do this before? I know it’s sad that his demise has made me appreciate this guy for his raw talent and musical abilities.

So back to Dangerous, why do I love it? Because new jack swing was big at the time and this album really captured that era. This is the year I began to appreciate music and no matter how hard I tried to follow the crowd at school and pretend to love Take That (side-eye) R N B/hip hop was my comfort zone. Teddy Riley (the front man of R & B groups Guy & Blackstreet) hooked MJ up as he produced some of the tracks. Compared to his previous albums this was quite “urban” for our Mike, hence the reason I don’t think it was received as well as “Bad” and “Thriller”.

I listened to this album on Monday at the highest volume that my mini stereo could manage and it’s GOOD!!!! It’s all about the production for me and this album was big with powerful introductions on each track, heavy bass lines and tight percussions. I remember rushing home from school to watch The Box (no MTV Base during my school years) to view his latest videos. Michael was really into cameo appearances at the time. Who remembers the “Jam” video with Kriss Kross, Michael Jordan and who can forget Heavy D…”jam, jam here comes the man”…… I’m getting too excited, so before I begin to rabble on I’m just going to post my three favourite songs/videos from the album. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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