Sunday, 28 March 2010

Week 24 Of My Journey Getting To New York.

This week I will finish off my show reel as it's been pushed to the side a little. It's been a hectic week and juggling everything has been a challenge.

I've more or less ticked everything off my February check list. My passport's been sent off for renewal that's one less thing to fret about. I haven't saved as much money as I intended but I haven't got time to stress about that, there's bigger fish to fry.

I've consistently e-mailed companies and am finally getting responses (persistence pays off) not necessarily what I want to hear, but a response is better than silence. Some have said I need to be a student to work for their company that's a very common thing in the states. I think they get merits or something *shrug*. Others have stated that I've missed the date to work/intern or that it's a bit early to secure a date at this point and they'll get back to me. I still need to broaden my search which I will start to do next month.

I've also started to look at flights as that has definitely got to be booked by the end of April. My gosh flights are soooo expensive but what do I expect I am travelling peak season. The cheapest flight is about £530 that's a lot considering I could go in September for £300 never mind. A friend has offered to give me some of their air miles enabling me to fly with Virgin (we all know Virgin is best) so I'll save just over £100. I'm still open to fly with a cheaper air line and if I see a good offer I'll jump on it .

I feel there is so much to do and time is flying. However I know it will be worth the tears, prayers, sacrifice, the fear of not knowing what will happen when I get out there and what awaits for me when I return. It's a challenge and an adventure I won't forget, plus it'll probably be one of my best memories for 2010.

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