Sunday, 23 May 2010

Week 32 Of My Journey Getting To New York.

This week has been good for my confidence and a reminder that God is working on my situation. There have been little specks of light here and there to remind me that God is in control.

I continued to e-mail companies and I received some good responses, not necessarily yes's but enough to remind me that I'm more than capable of providing a good service whilst out there. I will tell all next week as then it will all make sense, plus I would have made some decisions. A friend kindly advised me that I can offer up my services and do some broadcasting, interviews whilst out there and send them back for work. I must confess this idea never crossed my mind. I really struggle to think outside of the box sometimes.

I put a little bit of money aside as I really need to book my flight. It just goes to show that no matter how much we try, things don't always go to plan. I know my flight will be booked soon and I just pray that I have enough money to get few the 5 weeks whilst out there.

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Anonymous said...

Its nice when you're appreciated! May you keep getting good email responses! ;)

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