Sunday, 13 June 2010

Week 35 Of My Journey Getting To New York.

This week I finally booked my flight, hallelujah. My friend kindly gave me some of his air miles, so I get to fly with Virgin. I'll probably be broke for the remainder of the month, but my flight had to be booked. Plus it's one less thing to worry about financially.

I've also been given the opportunity to do a weekly entertainment slot from New York to London. This will be fun and exciting and will also push me out of my comfort zone. Although I don't enjoy the process this is what I definitely need whilst in America. I'm still determined to find a placement but in the mean time I'm going to see what work I can do for outlets her in the UK whilst away. Not only does it build up my confidence and skills but also my CV.

Again this week has been productive in light of advice and friendly pointers that will most definitely help my time away be more productive. If there's one thing that I'm praying for is that my trip is not wasted and that I don't come back with any regrets.


mee said...

congratulations on booking ur ticket and going after the dream. I pray that you make the right connections hun and that the right doors will open to you. This is one big step but continue to live by faith. Also enjoy NYC the up and downs are all apart of the journey.

Fab Black Woman said...

well done hunny, its all falling into place. I pray that as much as you have given out to others, (particularly in the form of advice and time invested lol!) it shall be returned to you a hundredfold.
This is going to be amazing, and I hope you find time to blog whilst you're out there and let us know how your journey is going.

Much Love,

Alison xx

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