Thursday, 21 May 2009

Today has got to be...

the worst day I have had in a very long time!!!!! It was your typical EVERYTHING goes wrong day and I need some where to vent my frustration. I didn’t wake up in the best of moods but I reminded myself that it’s all about Positive Mental Attitude (side- eye).

I was working on TV today and the evening programme went to pot as the show kept changing. My scripts had yet to be checked (not good considering the news programme had already started) and anyone who works within media understands that presenters can be divas sometimes. Then new stories were added and I forgot to inform the presenter- BIG SIGH!!!! Oops my bad hence a Diva tantrum alert lol. I then had to do additional work for my Entertainment slot this coming Sunday. This included doing a quick vox with the good old London folk.

The icing on the cake was that when it was time to put my stories up online the sub editors informed me they couldn’t live them as I don’t have my own log in. It’s now 9:54pm and I am still at work. Oh yeah I haven’t really eaten properly either- bring out the violins.

I now have to go home and pack my mini suitcase as I’m working all day tomorrow until 7pm. I will then trek to the other side of London to get my hair relaxed (my friend will do it for free) and stay over. Then on Saturday go to my hairdresser (who resides a good hour away on public transport) so that she can cut/trim my hair and add a fringe. Then fly down to Birmingham as I managed to wrangle myself a press ticket to go and see Beyonce- of course London’s sold out. Return to London on Sunday go straight to church, and get ready for my Ents slot which takes place at 1am Monday morning. My head hurts just thinking about this weekend. Times like these I need a car, oh well as a friend of mine often says’ success doesn’t rest!

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Millytilly said...

Wow...Yea, I had a mad day yesterday too! Maybe something in the air? As for Beyonce - well done! Enjoy, I'm sure she'll put on a great show!

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