Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Birmingham Representing

I am in total awe right now, like seriously!! I have come to my home town, Birmingham for the day to do some work. As BBC Midlands were a little short staffed and so I offered my services. I mean if they are gonna pay my expenses and a full days work, who am I to say no-right?!?!!?

I always get a slight distaste when I return home as it seems nothing has changed, the attitude is a little too laid back and everybody is doing the same thing they were doing when I left 8 years ago, hence the reason I left. However Brum has stepped up its game big time. Firstly there is the newly refurbished Bull Ring which sets the mark for the Midlands, but it’s the Mailbox that has got me. I have never set foot in the building until today despite it being here for at least ten years now???

So I get to work and already I’m like WOW this Mailbox looks kinda hot! I have already planned where I’m going to eat my dinner before I catch the train back down to south lol. However it’s the BBC Building that smashes it, it puts our dusty London building too shame. It’s an open spaced set up, very new and modern. I swear down the building comes like Minority Report/ Matrix/ Japan. There is an American themed diner for where people can sit and have their lunch, what the boom bah? The toilets are better than my bathroom at home. Even the water machine is hi-tech, poor old K-Hart had to ask “errrm excuse me where do I get a cup from please?” The kind old lady says “its okay dear, just press the button and the cup drops out automatically”. WHAT IS THIS?!?!

The studios here have their own automatic camera’s, it’s all manual in London (hang my head in shame). Even down to the computer I’m using is more modern, I’m surprised they don’t have Apple Macs on everybody’s desk. These past few days have reminded me that Birmingham is not all bad, people are friendlier and that my home town can represent. I’m proud to be a Brummie!!!!!!!!!!


Ondo Lady said...

Wow the place looks awish. I guess it is true that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

K.HART said...

Yes ondo lady there are some hot spots in brum. you should go visit one day. x

Matilda Egere-Cooper said...

B'HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! (Like I'm really reppin :P It's looking good though, I think AB is gonna settle in nicely)

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