Friday, 7 August 2009

Eddie what have you done for me lately?!?!?

Hmmm Eddie, Eddie, Eddie I don’t know what to say? I really don’t want to write Mr Murphy off as he really made me laugh back in the day, notice I sad back in the day. However this film wasn’t the greatest as he seems to be sticking to the safe formula of family orientated movies quite a bit of late and this film was just not that funny!

“Imagine That” is a film that focuses on the lack of relationship between a workaholic father and his daughter. There is no connection between them as Eddie continues to put his work first–tut tut! The plot was okay and should give parents some food for thought with regards to how much time they make for their children. Other than that the film was nothing to shout about!

The real star of this film is Yari Shahidi who plays the role of the daughter; she is way too cute and acted very well. I’m still holding out on Eddie as his previous outing “Meet Dave” had me howling with laughter so much so I had tears in my eyes. Then again I’m a sucker for foolishness, plus the fact I was depressed to be returning to the UK from NY so I needed a pick me up.

Apparently there is going to be a Beverly Hills Cop IV but I think the character of Alex Foley is finito! He’s too old to play the young cheeky cop with the huh, huh, huh laugh. I don’t get it as I know Eddie can still make me laugh but he keeps missing the mark. What is it bad script writing, is he picking the wrong roles or is his time just up?

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Ondo Lady said...

Pah, I gave up on Eddie years ago. His last decent movie was The Nutty Professor. I cannot believe they are making Beverly Hills Cop IV. What a joke, the 2nd one was bad enough.

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