Thursday, 6 August 2009

I'm feeling all inspired..

Yesterday I attended a brilliant event called "I Am My Brand” and believe me it was a great investment. The person behind it is a young female called Kubi Springer, if you haven't heard of her you better ask somebody!!

She touched on so many different aspects with regards to branding yourself and marketing. I'm not going to divulge all the in’s and out's as it would take up too much time. However she really got me thinking about my dreams and aspirations and how I'm going to achieve them.

After spending 5 weeks in everyone’s favourite city New York, I found their confidence levels surpassed us British folks; it's amazing how far confidence will take you. Americans and some UK folk aren't afraid to blow their own trumpet! So why do we continue to under sell ourselves and settle for the mediocre careers?!?!?

What struck me is that so many of us have dreams/career goals and ambitions but don't take the time to invest in ourselves and know our ish inside out. Why is it that we will splash out on clothes, hi-tech gadgets, shoes (my weakness) and cars to name a few but won’t stump up the same amount of money for a course, seminar or book? Believe me Kubi Springer knows marketing/branding inside out; she is in a league of her own. We want to follow certain career paths, but won't pay for a course that can enrich us. How many of us read the books that will give us the knowledge to take it that one step further. How many of us really know how to market ourselves? Wisdom is power!!!!!!!! Rant over lol.

One of my problems is that I want everything now and that I sometimes undervalue myself. I sometimes let fear control me when fear is just a big lie and you’ll overcome it anyway and procrastination is the key thief of all my time –SIGH!!!!!!! Plus I'm still trying to find my niche in a world where everybody wants to be a presenter, journalist, designer, singer, producer, etc.

I’ll leave with this- continue to dream big, work hard and invest in your self people. It will pay off eventually- YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!


Shanti said...

Its like what we were saying the other night I guess, about really going for what you want like the Americans do. Glad you found it useful, v.good point about investing on our careers the same way we do a pair of shoes, something to think about...

MsQuiche said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I heard it was a very powerful night.

Miss Fab Black said...

I met Kubi wehen doing Miss Black Britain, she really is inspiring. And what you are saying is true, us Brits really do undervalue ourselves and sell ourselves short.
Very inspiring to read...especially as I want to enter the same field as you!

B-RAE said...


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