Saturday, 16 January 2010

My Goodies!

I'm still accumulating presents and gifts off friends of mine. The lovely Krystle Eyes brought me not one but two pairs of shoes for Christmas and I received them this week. I love the Snake Tassle Shoe Boots below (Matalan). I own them in purple but I couldn't find an image -sorry! I've had my eye on them for a while and can't wait to rock them. They're a refreshing change to my typical clumpy platform shoes and a touch more classy!

The second pair is the Chain Detail Platform Shoe Boot (Matalan) and they're H-I-G-H!!!! These are solely for getting in and out of the car with, regardless of how comfy they are! I practiced doing the two step in my flat but I founding bending the knees a little difficult as they are so rigid around the leg.

My other friend kindly gave me her Hooded Fairisle Scarf (New Look) as she doesn't wear it. It's so funny as this week I said I wanted a hooded scarf and voila I got one - good times!

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kimee said...

love !!!

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